Sunday, October 18, 2009


This week was so busy I never got around to posting more concert shots. Keep checking back; pics are in the tube.

In the meantime I have fallen in love with this shot. Luuuuv my veggie drinks and was super excited to see these readily available at various London markets.

Which is your favorite beverage(s?)



Stephanie Faris said...

Those look delicious but that might be deceptive if they taste like veggies. I was thinking they looked fruity!

Anonymous said...

Been a while, but stopped to enjoy the pics! My latest kick is ANYTHING "g'spritzt" with sparkling mineral water. I even learned to enjoy Coke this way, watered down to a half-liter. Coke is a juice, right? ;)

ByAnitaLarsen said...

They actually taste really good Stephanie! Sweet carrot, ginger, apples, yum!

Watered down Coke Steve? Seriously? I'd prefer the sparkling water sans the sticky brown stuff :)

Good to see you. Will you and Janice be US bound for the Holidays?

Peabody said...

Veggie drinks can be good. Carrots are a terrific start.

I prefer two basic drinks:
Rootbeer - nearly frozen is best. When I make a rootbeer float, I put the glass with the RB in the freezer to chill before adding the Vanilla ice cream.
Hot Chocolate darker and richer the better. Love the spicy Central/South American chocolates.