Sunday, October 11, 2009


Since the pre-teen years my favorite Danish band has been D-A-D.

Previously recording under the name D i s n e y l a n d A f t e r D a r k they had a very unique sound - rock, punk, and country was thrown in one giant mixing bowl with sarcasm, politics, and humor, and out came the most amazing sound, dubbed "CowPunk".

Anyone that ever had the (questionable?) pleasure of driving around the country side with me have undoubtedly been exposed to
- a) my dorky sense of humor that prompts me to yell "BØF" ("steak" in Danish) at the first sight of a cow, and
- b) me singing "Counting The Cattle".

The latter Ladies and Gentlemen...

full credit to this fandangtastic band =D

A couple of weeks ago they performed at Copenhagen Olympic Festival.

There are a few settings where being short and blond with a humongus smile is beneficial thus I somehow made my way to the fourth, third, second, and ultimately front row while snapping away, protecting my gear AND face against the bouncing crowds, while singing along at the top of my lungs.

It. Was. A. Blast!

I hope you enjoy this series of Copper, truly a world class guitarist.


Please stay tuned for follow-up Blogs on the rest of the band over the next couple of days.

I'll leave you with a few videos:

You Won't Change

Bad Craziness (LIVE)

Counting The Cattle (oooooold live version)

NOW tell me: What kind of dorky little rituals do YOU honor?



Stephanie Faris said...

Love the pics. Can't listen to the music right now because I'm blog-reading on the sofa next to Neil, who's watching The Bourne Ultimatum. (Blah.) I don't suppose he'd appreciate me suddenly blaring music over here!

Dorky rituals? Oh there are so many! I listen to 80s music at work through earphones. Can't get much dorkier than that!

Peabody said...

Like I said...

I will make sure to route pass as much BØF as possible if/when you are ever in my car. I look forward to it.

Steph -
This music is better than the 'Bourne' anything. Just bring up the volume slowly and he may even stop to see what you're listen to.

ByAnitaLarsen said...

If 80s songs are dorky I don't ever want to be normal =D

Peabosy: I need video footage of us yelling "Bøf!" =D

Hope things have settled down a bit for you.