Sunday, October 4, 2009


Copenhagen is hosting the 2009 Olympic Congress. The city was celebrating by hosting sports events and concerts downtown. Friday was the BIG day, with delegations pitching their bids, and the IOC voting whom gets to host the 2016 Games.

Congratulations Rio de Janeiro!

I have a few Blogs of live performances coming. Managed to bag quite a few good ones, which wasn't easy, considering everyone around me were bouncing, dancing, cheering, singing. Oh yes, Copenhageners love their music.

Remember Barbie Girl? Around the World? and Turn Back Time (from the movie Sliding Doors)?

This is


What did you do this weekend?



Anonymous said...

Cool pics...knew about the song, but never the group. Several members of the house were sick (not me...yet, I am still holding out). But we managed to go to the local horse show/trade show at the arena. She loves horses (still convincing her to ride western...such an American!).

M.Angelo said...

Who could forget Aqua? Not me. I hear A-Ha is still popular in Europe. Is that true?

Peabody said...

Her headdress is pretty neat - except for whatever that is in the middle.

Pretty good music to match your photographs

Ok, NOW What? said...

Fabulous shots, Anita :)

ByAnitaLarsen said...

Sounds like a good weekend all things considered Steve!
Western Riding takes a little getting used to. The commands are almost polar opposite of English which can be confusing at first.
*sigh* Now you have me missing The ChesterBester. Is it Christmas soon?

Mike: Believe me, there were days I wish I could forget back when they launched their first album. I appreciate their bouncy tunes so much more now that they are not aired everywhere, all day.
As for A-Ha I am tempted to say: come see for yourself =D (blablabla you think BUT (hiney!) I am not giving up).
Oh, and Morten Harket is still cute ;)

Peabody: Agreed, although it does make for interesting pics. Besides, I prefer this over the huge fake tattoo she sported when they first hit the charts.

Ron: Thank you Darling. Hopefully I'll bag some equally as good in your neck of the woods again. I miss you guys! Hug Susan for me please.

Stephanie Faris said...

Awesome pics! I have a feeling they'd probably like a copy of those pictures. That headdress is interesting...