Sunday, September 6, 2009


Saturday September 5 2009 Denmark finally celebrated our first ever Flag Day in honor of our Soldiers of Foreign Wars.

I defied the rain and took my camera to the plaza in front of Parliament to honor the men and women that risk their lives fighting to make this world a safer and more peaceful place.

My sincere respect and gratitude to all of you that serve your country.

- A special thought to fellow A Tribe Called Joy Board Member Jeff that will soon return to Afghanistan.

Be safe.


Willopotomus Rex said...

Amen to that sister.

Princess Loretta said...

Wonderful, thoughtful photos Anita. Thank you for sharing and thank them for serving.

Jeffery said...

A very nice tribute to my fellow comrades. Thanks Anita

Jen K said...

Your shots are WONDERFUL! What a wonderful & beautiful tribute, Anita...very lovely post!

ByAnitaLarsen said...

Thank you all - and thank you Heroes.

-slj said...

I missed these pictures and just noticed that...WOW. You captured the true grit of some of these soldiers. What a great job doing that. NICE JOB!

Peabody said...

I'm Late
as usual

Lovely images. You are a master!

Thank you Anita.

I am a veteran.
As is my father
Both FILs
and Grandfather-in-law

Three of my sons are currently serving our country:
Air Force, in Afghanistan
Navy, in Nuclear School
Marines, in Reserves

I don't know where they get it from....