Saturday, September 12, 2009

Big Dog Vineyards

I try to keep this Blog photography only and post personal tales etc. elsewhere however as this Blog is public and thus accessible for friends of friends here we go:

While in NorCal this July my friend Tanya and I finally had the opportunity to meet up with Mark C. He graciously hosted a private wine tasting and dinner, and took us on a tour of his vineyard.

It was a night of exquisite wine, interesting conversation, and much laughter.

Mark welcoming us to Big Dog Vineyards

Delicious snacks

Tasting Mark's award winning Cabernets

The dog got its name from the grapes, the vineyard got its name from the dog.

Meet Cab.

Barrel tasting. I look forward to this one!

Back lit Tanya

THE. Best. Ribs.


The food was as delicious as the wine.

Great winemaker. Great friend.

Home made ice cream, YUM!

Proof I really WAS there :)

I couldn't resist posting this one of Tanya snapped a few days later.

Mark, Tanya: Thank you both for a truly great night.

Do you like wine? Which is your favorite grape?



Caroline said...

I'm so jealous of all your travels . . . can't wait for you to get around to Arkansas!

Stephanie Faris said...

You are such a great photographer...and a world traveler. You're living most people's dreams!

Cherie said...

ah... as i'm not the biggest wine fan (sorry) .. you know that the best part of this was the pics.. and the dog. :D